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                   Tile Jobs

   Tile and Laminate job in Sun City

    Removed carpet and installed tile

       and a manufactured border

       Transition I did in my home

         between bath and hall

Often customers have tile kitchen and want dining-room added in tile BUT can't buy the same tile, so I do this to incorporate their old tile with new tile so it looks planned

                                Fire Places and Glass Tile NO Problems

Bordered Mirror and Back Splash                  with Glass Tile 

         Angled Noche Tile With

         Glass and Stone listellos

                Back Splash

Got to love it when you go from the kitchen around the stairs and through the entry and down the formal living-room and dining-room and it lines up with the kitchen again !!

Bathroom :

and if the shower looks familiar, that one I did for them several years ago it is on the Forza page..

 Entry way :

and look at the stairway that curves. a bit tricky BUT fun.

O also did the carpet on the steps years ago